Electric Frog  LbNA # 29554

Placed DateMar 29 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Dec 9 2010
Hike Distance?

This hunt was designed to provide an indoor hunt for those rainy days. It is generally only available from 8:00 to 5:00 on Monday through Friday so plan accordingly. Bring your own ink and use extra discretion for this urban adventure.

On the MU campus, find the entrance to Clark Hall that is marked by a blue archway and green marble. Enter under the blue awning and proceed to your right down the hall. Take the first left at an open door heading to occupational therapy but take the blue “exit” on your immediate left. Go up a short flight of stairs then a longer flight.
Exit through the black door (on the outside of this door it will say “room 6 downstairs). Head right passing the elevators and take the short hall to the right. Go through the black automatic door and proceed down the hall to an orange door on the left. Enter this door and take the stairs to the third floor. Upon exiting, notice that each room has its room number on a large black plaque next to the door. Look down the hall to your left. There should only be one room number facing you back down the hallway. Its starts with a "3" and ends with a "2".

Note this room number and go right making another right when possible. Enter the blue door and take the stairs down to the basement and exit through a blue door.
Upon exiting note the zone number on the fire alarm switch directly across from the door. Subtract this number from the room number you wrote down previously. Make a note of the total.
Head right and go right when forced down a long hallway full of large yellow storage cabinets on the right. When the yellow cabinets end, count over 5 lockers on the right side and subtract the number on the large white stickers from the number on the smaller silver plate. Add this to your previous sum.
Continue down the rest of the hall going up 6 steps. Head left and pass the elevators and continue to the end of the hall. Enter the wooden “exit” door and pass through a small square locker room. Exit the other side to another stairwell. Proceed up to the 8th floor and note the Zone located on the fire alarm on the ceiling. Subtract this from your previous total.
Go back down to the seventh floor and note the number above the door. Subtract your last total from this number. Return to the 8th floor door in the stairwell. Take the number you have now calculated and add 440 to it. This should give you a final room number.
Proceed through the door and down hallway to the final room number. Near this office is a small alcove on the same side of the hall. On the left of this alcove is a seemingly unused electrical box. Carefully pull off the front, but be very discreet, the Velcro can be quite loud. I suggest taking the box and false face with you elsewhere to log in. If no one is in any of the neighboring offices, you can use the blue chairs in the next alcove just a few feet down the hall.
Please drop me a note to let me know how your hunt went. If the box is missing, damaged, or needs to be removed please contact me at ahistory (at) centurytel (dot) net or through the LbNA.