Fishin at Craig Park  LbNA # 29566

Placed DateMar 28 2007
LocationBrazil, IN
Planted Bystagaddis    
Found By ABS Family
Last Found Jun 10 2008
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Fishin at Craig Park

George Craig was born in Brazil, Indiana. He received his law degree from Indiana University. During World War II, he attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel while serving in Europe, and after discharge, he became involved in the American Legion on local and state levels, finally as national commander.

Craig was elected Governor on the Republican ticket in 1952. The Department of Corrections was created during Craig's administration and the State Department of Health was reorganized to provide better Mental Health Care. He was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1955-characterized as one of President Eisenhower's favorite young republicans, and was called "a swift-footed, swashbuckling lawyer politician." However, Craig's political future was subdued when several of his close advisers were convicted in 1958 of bribery in acquiring state highway construction contracts.

In 1967 he returned to his quiet Brazil, Indiana law practice and Clay County farm. George N. Craig died on December 17, 1992.

Enter Craig Park and park by what resembles an Igloo. Stand in "door" of igloo and face North. At 3 o'clock you will see a wishing well. Walk to that and again face North. Turn to 1 o'clock and walk up the hill and you will come to a tree that is leaning over the water. At this point you will see a lone pine tree. Walk towards this tree. When you arrive at this tree, again face North. You will see a lone tree next to several evergreen bushes.

Your treasure is at the base of this lone tree.

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