Mariners Museum  LbNA # 2957 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 26 2002
CountyNewport News city
LocationNewport News, VA
Found By DogPaw
Last Found Mar 12 2011
Hike Distance?

Nov. 4, 2012 - This series is currently unavailable, missing or pulled for maintenance.

Update May 2008 - These boxes were planted before Hurricane Isabel devastated the park. Afterward thousands of trees had to be removed and some of the paths were rerouted. I have updated the clues to reflect the changes in the terrain but tried to retain the flavour of the original clues.
~ Leabhar

Mariners Museum Letterboxes (4)
Mariners Museum Park
Newport News, VA
City of Newport News
Placed September 26, 2002 by Cardweaver
Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy 5.0 miles (Stroller Accessible w/ a few bumps)
All headings are magnetic.

Directions: I-64 to exit 258A (US 17 South/J. Clyde Morris Blvd). Stay on J. Clyde Morris Blvd all the way to the end. The combined entrance to the Mariners Museum, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center and Christopher Newport University is located at Warwick Blvd (US 60) & J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Newport News. CNU is to the right, turn left to get to the Museum and park. Park in the Noland Trail parking lot and make your way the Noland Trail near the North Entrance. Be sure to take water along, as the only water fountain is at the trailhead.

Box #1 – Pine
Follow the Noland trail to me. As you cross the bridges, they'll be numbered you will see. Prior to Bridge three on the left I will be. Straight to the top of the smaller trail, on the right at the base of a multi-trunked tree.

Box #2 – Box Turtle
Continuing on the main trail, pass a granite pine cone on the right. At the "Y" marked for the Oak Tree Overlook, take the trail to 160°. Past two picnic tables and across the bridge from which you can see me in abundance. Passed 8?, you're too late! At the resting spot, take the trail that heads up east. Walk for a while, it must be a century at least! From a large stump tree on the left with bees at the base, at 50° take 9 steps to a tall oak or 10 just in case. Towards 100° step 17 to another tall oak. Now, for the triskadecaphobes, I do apologize, for this number you need. For a heading, add 1 and multiply by 10, then the search for me will be at an end. Though not a bird, at the base of a large tree I roost, somewhere amongst all of the exposed roots.

Box #3 – C.S.S. Virginia
Continue on the main trail SE. ½ way there? After the next crossing timber, take 85-90 steps (depending on your stride). Look to the left for the remnants of a hollow, foliage covered stump about 8 steps off the path. Although the battle took place south of here, here lies the resting place of the Ironclad that Southerners revere.

Box #4 – U.S.S. Monitor
After Eleven, at the "Y" go left. You're not at a zoo, but at Leo go right, another carnivore? Another right! Pass the equine statuary. Stay in the shade, avoid the meadow.
A small overlook, two benches, a large bridge occur. Avoid the temptation to check out the parking lot. Continue to the crossroads and head North. After another bench, just before the first crossing timber go South into the woods for 20 steps. At 260° spy a double trunked tree (one larger, one smaller) leaning slightly North. From this tree look beyond 320° to spy a single trunked cousin, also leaning slightly North. In a hollow on the South side, is the resting place of the Ironclad, the Federals' first!

Continue on the trail to the museum.