Food for Sight  LbNA # 29656

Placed DateMar 31 2007
LocationMoscow, ID
Found By Wolf Dancer
Last Found Jun 27 2011
Hike Distance?

For the last several years, reasearchers have been cutting holes in the sides of cows. Why? So that students and professors can get a look at the cow's digestive system from the inside. It's a fairly easy proceedure. A vet will cut through the skin and muscle make an incision in the stomach and stitch the stomach wall to the outside. The hole is then fitted with a plug. The cow is up and eating within a day and heals competely within five. The plug can be removed so the stomach contents can be viewed. Researchers can also place mesh bags of food inside the stomach via the plug to test the digestibility of different crop varieties.

Not every cow has a plug. When this box was planted, however there was a cow with a plug in the field next to the box. If she is no longer there....take a walk around and you are sure to spot one nearby!

Getting close to to the box.

Travel to the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Coming from Pullman, on the Moscow Pullman Highway (Highway 8/Highway 270) you will come into the city of Moscow you will go straight until you hit the second stop light. Turn right at the light onto Perimeter Drive. Follow it around until you get to the corner of Perimeter and 6th. You should be able to park along the road nearby.


Stand next to the white fence on the corner of 6th and Perimeter. Take a compass reading and walk along the NW fenceline. Starting with the corner count 22 fenceposts and stop. Survey the trees to your right and find the tree that is different from the others and the oldest. Search beneth the boughs. The box is hidden in the needles underneath a piece of asphalt.