Let's Go See the Bears!  LbNA # 29658

Placed DateApr 1 2007
LocationPullman, WA
Found By Wolf Dancer
Last Found Jun 27 2011
Hike Distance?

In 1986, the WSU Bear center opened in response to the threatened status of many bear populations. Currently it is the only research facility in the world to house adult grizzley bears. For more information visit the WSU Bear Research Center website: http://www.natural-resources.wsu.edu/research/Bear-Center/index.html

Although the box is avaliable year-round, the bears are best viewed April through November. During hibernation bears are not viewable.

Let's Go See The Bears!

Getting close:
From the WSU Campus, take Stadium Way to Grimes Way. Follow Grimes Way all the way to the end. Take a left onto Airport Road and to the left you will see the Bear Research Center. Alternately take the Moscow-Pullman Highway toward Moscow. Take a left on Airport Road. You will see the bear lot on the left immediately after Grimes Way.

Park in the bear lot. There are only 12 slots and the turn around can be a bit tight. Check out the bears for a while. They will either be in their pens or out in the yard enjoying the sunshine. Sometimes they will pose nicely or even watch you as you move around. If you like you can deposit your pocket change in the meters-all proceeds go to bear research.

Update 4-4-12: The bear box has been reported missing. You can still see the bears though and you can still find the sheep box.

Stand along the guard rail in the parking lot. Head NE along the fence to the light pole on th outside of the chainlink fence. See that nice paved path to the right? Step on it and head south. Cross Grimes Way at the crosswalk and continue following the asphalt. Turn left toward the Big Horn Sheep compound. After a few steps you'll see an "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign on your left with some picnic tables beyond it. Have a seat at the picnic table furthest from the sign and check out the fence. There should be a pile of stones next to the corner post. The letterbox is underneath.

Big Horn Sheep Bonus Stamp

Now that you have the logbook and bear stamp, you have a 2nd stamp to hunt. Afterall it wouldn't be fair if the bighorns you are sitting next to didn't get any letterbox love. Go back out to the asphalt and stand next to the "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign on the right side of the path. Observe the Big Horn Sheep for a while. Walk south along the fenceline (the sheep might follow you). At the end of the compound you will see a green gate flanked by wooden fence posts. The stamp is hidden under a rock next to the right hand post. This is a bonus stamp and does not have its own logbook.