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Potter Plateau - Needs to be replaced  LbNA # 29676 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 1 2007
LocationPutnam, CT
Planted ByScale    
Found By KatieKat
Last Found Sep 3 2007
Hike Distance?

I just checked on this Letterbox and it didn't make it through the winter, it is either part of somethings nest now or has been moved. We will plant one in this area when it gets warmer though.

Warning, this is a beautiful hike, but it is a hike, about 3/4 of a mile in and another 3/4 of a mile out again. Its well worth it for the scenic adverture you will have. A good walking stick would be an excellent accessory for this excursion. This is a Harry Potter themed letterbox, and we have included a short message in anglo saxon runes which can be solved as a special treat for anybody feeling especially scholarly.

Begin traveling Woodstock Ave in Putnam towards Woodstock. Turn left into a small municipal driveway about 50 feet past Dunkin Donuts on Woodstock Ave. You will see a small blue sign just before it that says, "thanks for shopping the downtown area of Putnam". Park on the paved part of the road, but off to the side especially if you are coming during the week when a municipal vehicle might want to get through the gate. Go around the gate (its just to stop vehicles from entering) and you will be looking at a school athletics field. Stay to the right edge of the field near the woods for about 100 Meters. At the point where the drainage ditch on the right stops, you will notice a small path into the woods. That trail leads to an old set of wooden stairs which lead to the Putnam Elementary School Nature Trail.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and follow the nature trail. For the rest of this adventure, keep the river on your left and you will always be in clear sight of it. After about 50 meters, the trail stops being a nature trail and becomes more of a well used and clear deer trail. There should be no difficulty following it though it does follow a ridgeline and gets a little narrow at places. At its highest point, the deer trail becomes slightly less clear but keep following the ridgeline for only about 50 meters and you will see your destination.

In front of you is a 30 foot rise to the hidden plateau where our letter box is hidden. As you arrive at the flat of the plateau, place your back against the first of the "Tree of Many Trunks". Your back is now to the river below. Directly in front of you, across the plateau, is a giant evergreen tree with most of its branches and needles only on its top 1/3. This is your target. For reference, to the right of your target is a large stump of a tree that has been struck with lightning.

Look behind the target tree to see a tangle of exposed roots. Our box is hidden within those.

This is the first box our family has made and we hope you will enjoy it.

Masters Talon, Padfoot and Scale,