St. Patrick's Day Trail  LbNA # 29686

Placed DateMar 17 2007
LocationBurnet, TX
Found By Bloomin' Gramma Jo
Last Found Apr 26 2013
Hike Distance?

The St. Patrick's Day Trail Letterboxes are planted in Longhorn Cavern State Park. There are 5 boxes on this trail.
Go through the gift shop at the front of the park and pick up a trail map if you like. The boxes are planted on the Backbone Ridge Trail that starts behind the gift shop and it's fairly easy to stay on track as long as you follow the directions below. If you're using the map, you'll be following the Nature Trail Loop A.

To start you off on the St. Paddy's Day trail, you might find it helpful to use a shillelagh on your walk.

Just past marker #2 you'll see a boulder on your left with a yellow dot spray painted on it. 28 steps down the trail from this yellow dot is a large rock outcropping made up of 3 boulders on the right side of the trail. Between the 1st and 2nd boulder is a narrow crevice. The shillelagh can be found in this crevice tucked a little bit under the edge of boulder #1.

Continue on down the trail. After awhile you may want to stop and enjoy a smoke on an Irish Clay Pipe.

From marker #8 walk 32 steps, passing a boulder with a yellow dot on it. Stopping at the 32nd step you should be able to see 2 cedar trees just ahead flanking the trail. Now look right. There should be a rock outcropping off trail. If you see these things, you're in the right spot. Go north for 10 steps and you'll find the pipe under the edge of a boulder.

Now that you've enjoyed the pipe you should be feeling a little more lucky. Hopefully, you'll find a 4 leaf clover up ahead!

Continue following the trail until you come to a sign that says VISITOR CENTER on it. Take a LEFT at this sign and follow the trail for another 53 steps. At step 53 you should see a fallen tree to your right, about 12 steps off trail. The shamrock box is behind this tree under some rocks.

Wow, a 4 leaf clover. That's really lucky. Maybe it'll bring you enough luck to find a Pot O' Gold somewhere in the woods!

Keep on the trail until you get to the 3 minute loop. Take the right fork of this loop and follow the trail for a short way. It will pass between 2 boulders marked with yellow dots before going a bit steeply downhill. Stop at the 2 boulders and get a reading of 230 degrees. Go 20 steps at 230 degrees. This should bring you to a leprechaun-sized courtyard surrounded by rocks with a tree on the SW side. The Pot O' Gold is hidden between the 1st and 2nd rocks to the left of the tree.

Being lucky is a lot of hard work. You deserve a nice cold beer. A GREEN BEER of course!!

Get back on the main trail and follow it until you see the marker number that corresponds with the date that St. Patrick's Day always falls on. Directly behind that marker is a large rock formation. Go west 6 steps from the marker towards the rock formation. Look left. The Green Beer box is at the back of a boulder there beneath some small rocks.

I hope you had a LUCKY DAY!!