Be Happy  LbNA # 29689 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 1 2007
LocationGuttenberg, IA
Found By noseinabook10
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

Guttenberg is a little Mississippi River town in Northeast Iowa. This stamp commemorates, Grandma Bea.

Hwy 52 goes through Guttenberg. In town, find the intersection Hwy 52 and Herder Street (Fidelity Bank, Village Green and Phillips 66). Turn toward the bluff and drive to Herder and Bluff streets. You should see a brown sign for the Beuchel Hill Walking Trail straight ahead.

This trail takes you along the bluff to the top where there's a great view of the town and Mississippi River to the east. It's somewhat steep and rocky.

Walk to the trail head Cross the narrow cement bridge, walk up 4 wooden railroad tie stairs and continue uphill going under a fallen tree over the path.
In 11 paces, you'll walk around a rock in the middle of the trail. Walk under another lone tree over the path. Then you'll go under lots of trees over the path. From those trees, count 15 paces. You should see a huge limestone bluff sticking out on the left and immediately after that a large gully coming down the hill. 5 paces from that, there's a group of 6 moss-covered large rocks.

The formation has three rocks on the top side of the hill, one in the middle and 2 in front. If you look over the right side of the hill, you should be directly uphill from a small blue shed with a red roof.

On the north side of the middle rock, reach into the cavern and pull out the box, tucked into the left side. The stamp will tell you Grandma Bea's words of wisdom at the end of each letter.