Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  LbNA # 29714 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateApr 1 2007
LocationPalestine, TX
Found By east tx crew
Last Found Mar 17 2009
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 100 yards

Status of Letterbox: Alive and Well on 12/26/07

The "Are you thinking what I'm thinking" letterbox is located in Davy Dogwood park, near Palestine, Texas. Great park to visit in late March for the Dogwood trees!!
Hope you enjoy the humor of this box, and watch out for the birds!!

Take Loop 256 around Palestine until you get to Link Street, which is also 3309. Turn north and continue until you see signs pointing left for Davey Dogwood Park. Turn left into the park and at first jct bear right on one-way road with sign for Trail. At next jct stay right and go by open field on left. At next jct bear right on one-way road #2 and go to the large picnic pavillion in the center. Park.

To the Letterbox:
Walk across the pavillion and spot the wooden bridge across the other road. Walk to that bridge and cross it. From the far side, go at 295 degrees for 58 steps to a long downed tree. Walk down the log away from the root end, to end that is against a live tree. Box is in end of the log, under leaves and sticks.