Feather Spirit  LbNA # 29722 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 31 2007
Location???, MD
Planted ByE man    
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 26 2009
Hike Distance?

You will find this box at an awesome park. You might say it rocks. There is a creek that goes through the park. The creek is named for a large white-tailed animal that is native to the area. There are two main hiking areas in this park. The one you want is the smaller one that is most suitable for young children, although, you will need to keep your eyes on them especially once you reach your destination.

This park is open from 9am to sunset. Dogs are permitted as long as they are leashed. Trash is strictly carry in carry out. There are no restrooms. You may want to consider bringing a camera and water for drinking. Also, be wary of snakes.

After parking you will see only one entrance to the park, at the far end of the lot. Take this trail. You will cross over a bridge then pass a bench on your right. Keep walking. You will pass an old mill site on your left. When the trail splits, take the low road. Follow to the creek. Cross over the creek where the stepping stones take you. As you cross over, look for a larger rock in the water at the edge of the creek on your right. There is a tree just in front of this larger rock with a sign that says, "Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited." From this tree walk 17 paces at 280* straight into the woods. You should find yourself on a spur trail that cuts through a bed of day lillies. Look to the left and you should see two log steps, one just a bit after the other ascending the incline. Walk up these. Now you'll see a scraggly, multi trunked bush next to a tree trunk that has been sawed off at about 3 1/2 feet high. At the base of this tree, against the large rock under smaller rocks and leaves you will find what you seek.

Again, be careful of snakes when you reach in. Ink pad is not included, a dark color is recommended. Please re-seal and re-hide well. Especially in summer, this could be a crowded spot. Thanks for visiting. Let us know what you thought of the adventure.