The Tourist  LbNA # 29754 (ARCHIVED)

Owner"X" Marks the Spot    
Placed DateApr 3 2007
LocationElizabeth City, NC
Found By Scout
Last Found Aug 19 2007
Hike Distance?

11/03/2007 Sorry folks, this box was muggled and I have decided not to replace it because of the level of stealth that is required while hunting and replacing. I've got others in Elizabeth City. Have fun.

At Water and Fearing in the heart of Elizabeth City,
Sits "Marina Park" and a view that is quite pretty.
Here you'll find a kiosk when you seek information,
If you're simply passing through or here on your vacation.
Look low on the kiosk and keep your back towards the water,
Once you find the "X", you'll know you are hotter.
Now reach underneath and find the handle made of wood,
Pull it towards you, the box will fall from where it stood.
When you've stamped, make sure it's solidly back in place,
So the muggles can't see it unless they fall on their face.

Be discrete, my letterboxing friends...that's the biggest challenge to finding and re-placing this one! Don't get caught!