Petit Jean bookmark box  LbNA # 29765 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 29 2007
LocationMorrilton, AR
Found By Arkansas Travelers
Last Found Nov 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Drive to Petit Jean State Park, via Hwy 155 or 154. When you arrive at the top, be sure to drive slow enough to spot the many trail heads and overlook stops, visitor's center, camp grounds, Petting Zoo, Car Museum, Honey Farm, and many other attractions! WE LOVE THIS MOUNTAIN and you will too. This mountain has some of the friendliest park interpretors and best children's activities around.

Ok, now to the clue........Go over Davies Rock Bridge (get a map at the visitor's center to find it--we have to keep this challenging). Take the boy scout trail downstream (left side of the bridge after you admire the waterfall on the right). Look for the first cedar tree on the left side of the trail with a white mark. Look right for an iron grate. Look under the grate for the letterbox. Take a bookmark from the box as your keepsake. Exploring this trail is really fun! It leads to other branches of the trail, and a couple of very neat bridges. If you have a couple hours, water and snacks, go all the way to the end and see the waterfall overlook, and many creek falls along the way. If you have just a little time, walk to the long crooked bridge.
Have fun.
Petit Jean Gang