The Snoopy Letterbox  LbNA # 29766 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 29 2007
LocationMorrilton, AR
Found By Lock, Shock & Barrel
Last Found Mar 31 2010
Hike Distance?

Drive to Petit Jean State Park, via Hwy 155 or 154. When you arrive at the top, be sure to drive slow enough to spot the many trail heads and overlook stops, visitor's center, camp grounds, Petting Zoo, Car Museum, Honey Farm, and many other attractions! WE LOVE THIS MOUNTAIN and you will too. This mountain has some of the friendliest park interpretors and best children's activities around.

From Cedar Creek Trail Head, walk all the way down to the main creek (approx 10 minute walk, unless you stop and really enjoy the waterfalls and everything else). Turn on right fork trail to go to the bridge (can see it from the creek intersection). Cross over the bridge. Turn immediately right, and go past the big flat rock standing on it's end. Walk to large bolders. Turn left. Go up very small hill. Stop at the tree on top. Face yourself so that the tree in on your right side. Look left and down, across from the tree at a large moss covered rock. Dig in the leaves with a stick (to be safe) toward the back of the rock. Look well and you will find the box.
This trail is a wonderful trail that connects to several other trails; it will go from the falls overlook all the way to the Davies Bridge, and it brances off in between. If you have time, walk to the Falls overlook, or Rock House cave, or go to the right fork and walk the cedar creek trail to another neat bridge (long and crooked)and lots of small falls in the wet season). You will just become facinated by the place.
The Petit Jean Gang