Idaho Icon  LbNA # 29772

Placed DateApr 4 2007
LocationBoise, ID
Found By Team Gulb
Last Found Sep 19 2010
Hike Distance?

Clue Difficulty: Easy-moderate
Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Wheelchair Accessible: Not really
Child Friendly: Yes, keep 'em close, it's just off a road
Pet Friendly: Yes
Number of Boxes: 1
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
First Finder Artifact: Yes
Stamp Pad/Ink: No

There are a few icons of Idaho... This is one of them.

Open spaces. Clouds overhead. Raptors soaring. Mountain views to North and South. Mild isolation. Cold winter. Too hot summer.

Exit 52.
South towards Gowen Field.
Pass "BFI" blue sign.
Pass DIAMOND on right.
Next Right [on real road] in direction of SW.
100 yards.
Gated Structure.
Sit on low white railing exactly in middle facing street.
Behind your bottom and below basalt.

This was placed as a drive-by-esque LB for travelers-through. It's a nice place for a semi-rest-stop to stretch your legs and take in the surrounding view. There is no "official" restroom, but depending on time of day, you could sneak an unofficial opportunity.

Please re-hide well, follow the LB codes of conduct :)
If you want to say hi or drop a line, please contact us through the LB website!
-EarthGrl! & Mr. Chancla