How Hot is It? East TX  LbNA # 29778 (ARCHIVED)

Ownertx dragonfly    
Placed DateApr 5 2007
LocationTyler, TX
Found By Party Mouse
Last Found Dec 1 2010
Hike Distance?

This box may be missing. (I wasn't even positive that I was at the right tree). The area has changed a lot since the clues were written.
I will find/replace and update when I am able. Anyone who already solved the clues and has not found the box can e-mail me the solved instructions and I will send the new clues so you don't have to refigure them.

Less than 10 minutes one way.

Rose Rudman has paved hike and bike trails, exercise stations, picnic areas, a pavilion, and Southside Park which has a nice playground. Birding is reported good, especially at the south end of the park under the big oaks in the winter and during migrations.
Most of the way is paved, but the box can’t be reached from the paved path.
This is a heavily used park - please be discrete.

From S Loop 323, turn S on Donnybrook.
From US HWY 69/Broadway Ave, turn E onto Shiloh Rd.

-Park on Donnybrook off of Shiloh Rd. (The side with the playground.) Pick up the concrete path heading toward and then under Shiloh Road. Cross the 1st bridge and continue.

-@y3n 697 t35 59 5y3 w3d9he g48er3, (g6 5y8w g48et3 697 dqh w33 5y3 0q5y 285y 5y3 3s34d8w3 w5q589hw), d49ww 85 qhe 574h o3r5.
-@y3h 5y3 0q5y w0o85w, t9 59 5y3 48ty5 qhe 70 5y3 y8oo.
-W590 2y3h 697 q43 9h 5y3 0q5y 0q4qoo3o 59 5y3 3he 9r 5y3 g3hdy.
R49j 5y343 59 0q4qoo3o 285y 5y3 3he 9r 5y3 oq4t3 49di 8w w3f3h 0qd3w.
-R49j 5y3 0q5y q5 5y3 3he 9r 5y3 49di, t9 w3f3h533h 0qd3w. %9 5y3 48ty5 8w q j9ww qhe 0oqh5 d9f343e 5433 4995 (e92h3e 5433).
-G3y8he 5y3 4995 8w q wjqoo 5433 285y 529 547hiw 8h534528h8ht qhe qh95y34 59 5y3 48tyt 9r 5y9w3.
-R8r533h 59 523h56 r335 g3y8he 5y8w 5433 8w q e3d3h5 w8a3e e97go3 547hi3e w5qhe8ht e3qe 5433 2y343 5y3 g9s 8w q5 5y3 gqw3 9r 5y3 gqdi.
-^97 dqh w5qj0 8h q5 5y3 g3hdy, just plan on having company unless the weather is awful.
-$3574h 5y3 2q6 697 dqj3, 94 d49ww 5y3 g48et3qhe 5y3 0q5y 28oo o990 975 qhe gqdi 94 o990 975 59 5y3 w54335 w8e3 (285y 5y3 3s34d8w3 w5q589hw) 2y8dy t93w gqdi 59 5y3 w3d9he g48et3. ***Be careful, there is a glass item in this box.

***Please note special stamping instructions in the log.

The key to solving this code will not open a door.

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