Disney Lovers- Tarzan and Jane  LbNA # 29786

Placed DateMar 28 2007
LocationSummerville, SC
Found By Basselope Hunter
Last Found Dec 28 2008
Hike Distance?

This is our 14th Disney Lovers box. We began planting these boxes after our December 2004 honeymoon to Disney World. We plant one each time we take an overnight trip together to commemerate the first overnight trip we took as husband and wife.

This Disney Lovers box is very special for us. We planted it while in Summerville, SC looking for a place to live. So, once we arrive in our new town, we will be very close to our Disney Lovers box!


This box is hidden in one of the most beautiful parks I have seen. When we were there, the azaleas were in full bloom. This park is featured during the annual Flowertown festival.

From this statue...

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Spot this tree...

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To the left of the tree is a clearing. On the left side of the clearing is an electrical box. Across the clearing from this box is a stump. In the left side of the stump, Tarzan and Jane are hiding.

PLEASE REHIDE WELL!!! This park is very well maintained. We've seen landscapers every time we've gone here.