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Placed DateApr 5 2007
LocationTroup, TX
Found By suzyq
Last Found Jul 20 2010
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The City of Troup, located in the rolling hills of East Texas near Tyler, is partially in North Cherokee and Southern Smith Counties, and was born out of two nearby communities. The International Railroad Company opened the Palestine-Troupe Line on November 9, 1872 and the first settlers of Troupe, or Zavalla as it was first known, came from Old Knoxville and Old Canton. The town of Troupe, named after a governor or possibly a county in Georgia, was surveyed and the streets laid out by the railroad in 1872. A map of the town site was filed for record February 27, 1873. Population is just under 2000.
Troup High School is a small 2A district that reigns in Basketball and has a award winning band. THS Band advanced to area competition after their fall marching contest (2005-2006) and were the only 2A band in Region 21 to receive the sweepstakes award in their Spring Contest. Hope you enjoy the drive to Troup. If you are there at lunch time, try the La Haceinda Mexican restaurant! It’s really good!
The Bradford Cemetery was established in 1872 with the interment of Wm. M. Bradford, who donated the land. The oldest grave found is that of Mary D. Tarbutton b. 3/18/1804, d. 3/29/1824 with the inscription "Our Mother". (She has a street named after her family just a couple of blocks from the cemetery.) there Three Confederate Soldiers also buried in the cemetery. Take a look around while you are there.

Suggeted colors: Maroon or cranberry :)

From Whitehouse Tx. Take Hwy. 110 South. Turn left (north) on FM 346. Drive 03 miles to Alton Ashby City Park which is also the entrance to Bradford Cemetery. Turn right. Continue to the entrance of the cemetery. Follow the pavement to the next left and turn here. At the “T” turn left. As you are headed back toward the front of the cemetery, you will see a large headstone that reads “Florence”. Park here.

From the edge of the pavement, take 23 steps to a Crepe Myrtle tree. On your left will be the “Jarvis” Family Plot. There are some cement blocks that form a “wall” Reach into the tree here and find the box.

Please seal all bags and replace the box. Let me know the status of this box.