Good Friday  LbNA # 29800

Placed DateApr 6 2007
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bybawa    
Found By Jonasty
Last Found Jan 26 2010
Hike Distance?

This stamp is of an empty cross
Planted on Good Friday to remember His loss.

The cross is empty because He lives,
We are saved because He gives!

To find the stamp, follow Highway 41 North
To Highway 57, you'll pass the airport.

Take a right on Oakhill, you're heading the right way
The first left is Millersburg, a church is there they say.

Up on the left is CFC
There is a planter made of brick with a cross you will see.

Near the front of the parking lot, you will see a sign and a cross.
You're looking for the box that symbols the life Christ lost.

You'll roll away the stone to find what you're looking for,
We are so thankful that an empty cross offers much more.

In addition to the stamp, you'll but in your book,
Take a cross along with you to remember what it took.

As we celebrate Easter, or any day of our lives
Please be thankful with us of His great sacrifice!