Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Missing Animals  LbNA # 29807

Placed DateApr 6 2007
LocationVernon, CT
Planted ByMagic Treehouse gang    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Nov 7 2010
Hike Distance?

Directions to Belding Wildlife Management Area

The entrance is on Bamforth Rd in Vernon. There is a bridge that is currently out so the easiest way to get there is to take 67 off of I-84. Turn on route 31 towards the McDonald and Burger King. At the light lurn Left onto Route 30 (Hartford Turnpike). Continue straight a mile or so. At the light in front of 7-11, turn left onto Bamforth. Just before Bamforth ends, you will see a large green barn on the left.

UPDATE: I was told that parking at this barn could cause you to be ticketed.

This is a short loop walk. Definitely kid and dog friendly. There are 2 boxes, with 2 stamps each (one from each of the younger gang members in each box). The log book is in the second box. Both have ink. But we forgot the pen, so be sure to bring one.

One evening, after Marcella had put the dolls in bed for the night and gone to sleep herself, Andy said "I am in the mood for an adventure. It is too bad we don't have one!" Just then, Farmer John told the dolls that his pig and sheep were missing.

"Perfect!" said Andy. And he and Ann grasped hands tightly and ducked under a nearby gate. The laughed as they ran across the field and up to a sign. "Wish I could read what it says!" said Ann. But since they were not real for sure people, they just kept walking happily over a bridge. They kept going straight into the deep deep woods. Ann saw a pretty squirrel atop a squirrel midden and decided they should follow the pretty blue marked trees.

The trail curved a bit and as they got to a hill Andy decided to travel by train instead of by foot. They continued up the hill. Ann heard a soft grunting and began to look around. As they crossed a fallen treethe noise got louder. Step by step (7 to be exact). She moved off the trail to the left and saw a stump. Under a mossy log against this stump she found the PIG (and also the TRAIN).

"Halfway there" Ann said. They put the pig into the train and continued on. Soon, Ann saw a very tall hill that the train could not climb. So they left the blue trail to go right on a very clear but unmarked trail.

They reached the end of the trail and at the T had to decide which way to go. Andy started left and Ann right. Ann counted the line of trees along the trail. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

"Andy, I hear something!" Andy ran over to see what. They could not locate the sound. On the right hand side of the trail Andy sat on a small rock. The baa-ing got quite loud. He looked in the stump beside his and found the SHEEP (and a train car to keep him in). After loading the sheep, they continued down the trail. After a little bit, they saw the red barn on the left and unloaded the animals. Farmer John was quite pleased. Ann and Andy left the train and entered the conifer stand.

"We'd better hurry, the sun is rising!" said Ann. They ran straight ahead and were happy to see they were back at the lake. Leaving the deep deep woods behind, they climbed back into the nursery, jumped up and down on their beds two times and went to sleep.

We hope you enjoyed our little story. The stamps were carved by all three members of the gang, a real team effort. Please let us know if you enjoyed it. Also, there are several other wonderful letterboxes in Belding (which is how we first found it!). Be sure to take a look at the as well!