Out on a Limb  LbNA # 29821

Placed DateMar 16 2007
LocationDryad, WA
Found By Mike and Elaine
Last Found Mar 17 2007
Hike Distance?

“Out on a Limb”

Placed by: Wood-aug
Placement Date: March 16, 2007
State: WA
County: Lewis
Nearest City: Dryad
Number of Boxes: 1


Distance of walk: 2mi rt
Elevation: ~200
Wheel chair friendly: no
Pen colors: Dr brown, lt brown, and green.

Getting you close:
From I-5 go W on Hwy 6 (Exit 77) at about 19 miles park at the trailhead named for the way white light is split into many colors.

The Box:
Yr rfc amtcpcb zclaf ryic rfc rpygj bmul qrpcyk (pcjyrgtc rm rfc Afcfyjgq Pgtcp). Yr yzmsr y kgjc ryic rfc Qmsrf rpygj nyqr y jglc md jypec qrsknq (lmr fsec rfmsef). Kcylbcp rfps rfc 2lb epmurf dmpcqr slrgj wms ypc yr y jgrrjc kmpc mncl qnmr ugrf y fsec qrskn yr wmsp pgefr, wms ayl fcyp rfc apcci (rfgq uyq njyacb gl rfc qnpgle) zsr ayl’r qcc gr. Ugrf rfgq egylr rm wmsp zyai, jmmi bsc Ucqr dmp y lmr qm zge acbyp, ml grq LLC dyac jmmi yr rfc epmslb dmp rfc zmv.

Please re-hide well, scatter some natural ground debris over the hiding spot.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area, we would appreciate an update on the boxes condition. Thank you.