Eureka! Yucaipa  LbNA # 29858 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTake A Hike Club    
Placed DateApr 7 2007
CountySan Bernardino
LocationYucaipa, CA
Found By Libby
Last Found Apr 20 2007
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Eureka! Yucaipa

The Yucaipa Regional Park in San Bernardino County is a little jewel. It is not a massive park, but there are campgrounds for tents and RVs, playgrounds, picnic areas galore, three stocked lakes for fishing, and a swim area with water slides and paddle boats to rent. It is a great place for a family gathering and a fun place for letterboxing. In fact, there is a happy little turtle tucked away in a box near one of the lakes. There will be other letterboxes to follow.

Directions: From the beach in Orange County: Take the #55 north to the #91 east. This becomes the #215, so go on to the San Bernardino Freeway - #10 east toward Redlands, for about 8 miles. Turn left, or north, on Yucaipa Blvd for 4 or 5 miles to turn left on Oak Glen Road for a couple more miles. Turn left into the park. It's about an hour and a quarter from the beach to the park.

Entrance fee is $7 per car. Ask for a map of the park. There is limited parking outside the gate for a $2 walk-in.

If you want a driving tour of the park when you arrive you will pass an RV camp on the right. Turn left and turn left again. This road will circle to the right around the park. You will drive between lake #1 and lake #2. Follow the road around to pass lake #2. To the left, you will see several large picnic shelters and a tent campground. Continue on around and, on the left you will pass a trailhead for hikers. At the north end of the circle you will glimpse the swim area and water slide. Continue on around and pass between lakes #2 and #3. You cannot drive down to the lake below, so watch for a walkway down from parking area 3A, and park there.

Walk down toward the buildings, and when you come to the emergency access road you can cross over to the stream. *Walk along the stream, past the picnic tables, until you come to a footbridge near the lake. Cross the bridge and turn left immediately. Take about 5 hearty paces walking back along the stream. Turn right, and take 4 or 5 paces toward two trees growing together in the thicket. On the backside of the larger tree you will see a large rabbit hole. (Or is that for some larger animal?) At the base, on the north side of the trees, is a pile of brush covering a large rock where your treasure hides. The area is fairly private for your secret mission.

Option #2: If you simply want to make a quick letterbox find you can park outside and walk in for only $2. As you enter the park you will pass the RV camp, turn left and then right. Continue a short distance until you see the emergency access road to lakes. Walk down the road to the stream on your left. *Follow the above directions to the treasure.