Area 47: Creswell Aliens -MIA?  LbNA # 29899

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Placed DateApr 7 2007
LocationCreswell, NC
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During the 1947 alien invasion of Roswell, New Mexico, a couple of the aliens got their instructions a little mixed up. Their communications apparatus was damaged upon entry and they never learned that '47 was the earth year, not the appropriate surface map, and the town they were supposed to invade was Roswell, not Creswell. As a result, they were not captured with their companions. They have made efforts to blend in but still do not quite have the hang of it, so you should be able to find them.

From the trail head on Thirty Foot Canal Road marked by an orange gate, walk through the pine woods until you see a thickly overgrown field beginning on your left. From this point, turn around and walk back about 15 to 20 steps. You should see a pine tree just off the trail with another pine tree directly behind it, and another pine tree to the right with a skeletal stump behind it. Between these two pairs of trees and a few yards back from the trail is a larger pine. The box is behind the larger pine under a pile of sticks and needles.