Pond of the Reflected Dreams  LbNA # 29926 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCaribbean Dreams    
Placed DateApr 10 2007
LocationTown of Erin, WI
Found By piwo
Last Found Oct 3 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is in the Loew Lake State Forest, near Holy Hill.
A new box was rehid in a new spot after the original one was taken. Directions:
Take Holy Hill Road (167 West) from Hwy 41 west past 164 to St. Augustine Rd (CC goes the other direction, Down Slope Pub is on kitty-corner). Turn left (south) on St. Augustine to Emerald Drive, the first road on the right. Take Emerald past Donegal, past Shamrock, down the hill to the gravel parking lot entrance on the left for Loew Lake State Forest.

Total length of hike-about 2 miles.
From the parking lot, take the yellow trail of the Woolly Mammoth to the trail of the Equine, in the middle of the field. Turn right(south). Keep going. Turn left (east) when you get to the dirt road, which is also an Equine trail. Keep going around the curve. There is a large stone on the left, pines to the right. Stay on the dirt road. Stay off of the trail of the Woolly Mammoth, which crosses the dirt road. The Apartment of the Sky Dwellers is on your left, Sky Dweller homes on your right. Eventually you will cross the Bridge Over the River Quiet. Keep going, dog-legging to the left. Continue on .Just before the pine, and before the birdhouse that is on the left, is a little footbridge over a stream (to your left). Cross the bridge.

Walk right across the field. The old windmill will be on your right. Go into the pine woods. The pond will be on your right. Turn to the left and follow the trail that goes around the pond. The pond will be on your right hand side. You will see an old broken down wood duck house in the pond. Stop when you are standing where the birdhouse is directly to your right. Step over the log on the ground. To the left of the path, under the log you just stepped over, lies the box. Sweet Dreams!

If you can, please let us know the condition of this box. Thanks!