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OwnerGram Judy    
Placed DateApr 10 2007
LocationMenasha, WI
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Last Found May 29 2016
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Information about the Trestle Bridge:
On Saturday, August 27, 2005, the new Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail across Little Lake Butte des Morts was dedicated and opened for public use. After almost ten years of planning and work, the former C&NW bridge was added to the trail system, completing the vital link between the Menasha lock on the east side and Fritse Park on the west side of the lake.
The bridge, which is about 1600 feet in length, is the longest pedestrian bridge in the state. Improvements include four fishing pier/observation decks, a large central pavilion; a long board walk on the east end and a lift bridge across the channel at the Menasha lock. The bridge was acquired from Canadian National Railroad after train traffic was discontinued and the rails removed. The Friendship trail will eventually connect Manitowoc to Stevens Point. Walking or biking across the former railroad trestle is an exciting experience that outdoor adventurers of all ages will enjoy.
The $1.6 million project was the result of the Town of Menasha, City of Menasha, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation and private supporters working together. If you would like to help support this worthwhile project contact Fox Cities Greenways, PO Box 5, Menasha, WI 54952. Everyone from Manitowoc to Stevens Point thanks you!

Interesting fact:
The west shore of Little Lake Butte des Morts is the site of a well-known Native American burial mound known as the Hill of the Dead, or Butte des Morts. Stories of intrigue and heartbreak have long surrounded this area.


Using a map of the City of Menasha, find Hwy 114 and Broad Street. Go west on Broad Street to the Menasha Locks. Park in the public-parking area.
Proceed .75 miles across the Trestle Bridge, enjoying the view of Little Lake Butte Des Morts. Continue past the short Stop and make a hairpin turn to your right. From this point go approximately 104 Gram Judy size paces down the gravel driveway. Stop and look to your left, then take a sharp left. You will see a dirt path heading into the conservancy area of the future home of the Rydell Environmental Education Center. Follow the dirt path cautiously. You will pass between a canopy of cedars and around a little pond. (Caution: during rainy times this may be flooded or extremely muddy.) At the split in the trail take a right (south). Stop between two little ponds, you will find yourself looking into a clearing. Directly in front of you is a stately poplar surrounded by baby cedar. Under the baby cedar on the southwest side of the poplar(right), you will find the letterbox. Please don’t disturb nature, re-hide the box well and keep any spying eyes or ears from noticing what you’re up to.

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