The Rampage of the Blue Devil  LbNA # 29947

OwnerBungalow Boxer      
Placed DateApr 10 2007
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 30 2008
Hike Distance?

Rehidden 4/2007 in a different spot. Stamp is the same as the one that went missing two years ago.


"Mr. Holmes! Mr. Holmes! I'm so glad I found you!" shouted Mr. Stanley as he rushed down a London street.
"Mr. Stanley, it is so nice to see you again!" Mr. Holmes replied. "I believe you know my associate, Mr. Watson."
"Yes, so nice to see you again! Mr. Holmes, Last night, I just saw the most peculiar thing! It was the most frightening thing I've ever seen!" Mr. Stanley exclaimed.
"What is the matter, Mr. Stanley?"
"I heard some strange noises outside of my house last night in the Quarter. When I went to the window to see what was going on, I saw that twenty of my sheep were dead!"
"Twenty of them? How peculiar!" Mr. Holmes exclaimed.
"Yes! That meat was supposed to go to some of the finest restaurants in London! I'm afraid that this animal will come back and take more of my sheep! What am I to do?"
"Mr. Stanley, we will go to your house at once to investigate. Come along Watson."

Mr. Holmes, Mr. Watson and Mr. Stanley traveled out to Mr. Stanley's house on the outskirts of London. Mr. Holmes and Mr. Watson arrived at Mr. Stanley's sheep pen to find all twenty sheep had been poked in the heart three times and the blood sucked out of the bodies of the sheep.

"How bizzare!" Mr. Watson exclaimed. "What could have done such an unusual marking?"
"Watson, I think these markings are the work of the Blue Devil."
"The Blue Devil? What is that? I always thought devils were red?"
"Not this devil, Mr. Watson. This devil is the most peculiar form of devil. It feeds off of sheep in the pasture and drinks their blood, but he is still the color blue. I have heard legends about this beast. It shows no mercy. See these marks? These marks were made by the Devil's Fork."
"Where will we find such a beast?"
"We shall follow these footprints into the woods, Watson. I believe we will find what we are looking for.

Holmes and Watson followed the tracks into the woods, first going by a park on the right where young children use special scooters to jump high in the air and do tricks. Before long, they were standing in front of an old stone bridge. The trail went straight over the bridge or to the right.

"The tracks go straight over the bridge, Watson. We're getting closer."

They soon got to a two pronged fork, very different from the blue devil's fork. The devil tracks went to the right, while horse tracks went to the left. A short while later, Holmes and Watson found a trail with a bridge to their right. The tracks continued straight, where Watson and Holmes found hurse and buggy traffic crossing their path. They noticed that the footprints went left, then took a quick jog to the right into the woods at the bottom of the hill, very close to Mr. Stanley's house. They knew they were close to the lair when they found vines, which had come to life in the trees, hoping to snare an unassuming person into their clutches for their master. Just past the outer defenses, approximately 15 steps, is an obtuse angle log on the left side of the path. Holmes and Watson found the Devil's Lair!

As they walked towards Mr. Stanley's house, Mr. Stanley rushed out of the door and exclaimed, "You did it Mr. Holmes! You found the Blue Devil!"

"It was very elementary my dear Mr. Stanley, wasn't it Holmes?"