Prairie Dog  LbNA # 29975

Placed DateApr 4 2007
LocationWasta, SD
Found By pollywog
Last Found Sep 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Here's a hide for those of you motoring across the prairies of South Dakota. It is available to both east & west bound travelers. Pull off at the Wasta rest area between exits 99 & 101 on the east side of the Cheyenne River.

If you're east bound then this is a drive by. Park near the big circular turn around at the river end of the rest area. On the south side of this turn around is a juniper tree. Look for a camoflauged container wedged in its trunk.

If you're west bound you'll need to take a 5 minute walk. Park at the west end of the rest area and then walk along the edge of the ramp that returns you to the interstate to where a dirt road takes off from it. Follow this road (paralleling the interstate) towards the river and it will take you under the interstate and right to the circular turn around mentioned above.

A report as of 9/4/07 says the stamp has gone missing but logbook is still there. Sorry but I won't be traveling this way to replace stamp in the foreseeable future.