CFPA Cockaponset Trail  LbNA # 30006

Placed DateMar 31 2007
LocationHaddam, CT
Planted ByRobbo    
Found By Connfederate
Last Found Jun 11 2011
Hike Distance?

This is a Letter Box placed by the CFPA Cockaponset Trail manager to celebrate the first CFPA Family Guided Hike on the trail. For more on Family Guided Hikes see the Connecticut Forest and Park website at

As time permits, a stamp will be added for each Blue Trail in the Cockaponset State Forest. So, check in for time to time for the location of the Wildwood, Old Forest Trail, North Pattaconk and South Pattaconk letter boxes.

The CFPA is Connecticut's oldest Conservation Orgainisation and is responsible for maintaining over 800 miles of Blue Blazed hiking trails on state, municipal and private properties in Connecticut. The best part? We're all volunteers!

Please note that the blue and blue/red trails in Cockaponset State Forest are hiking trails only-no bikes, horses, motorized vehicles.

To Get There:
Route 9 to Exit 8 (Beaver Meadow Road). Limited parking (2 cars) is available at the trail head so park at the commuter lot at the exit.

The Maps:
These are links to the DEP maps of the Forest. Only the North Section map is required for this letter box.

To Find the Stamp:

Head West on Beaver Meadow Road for 1/4 mile until you see the trail head kiosk (with forest map).

Follow the blue blazes as they turn left off the orange blazed trail.

The blue trail, after exiting the pine stand, briefly rejoins the orange trails. Follow the blue over two streams before coming to a forest road (Jericho Road)

Cross Jericho Road (still following the blue trail) and ascend a short grade into a burned area. This area was intentionally burned by the DEP in 2004 to promote oak growth. Contine along past a small pond and cross a double track trail to stay on the blue trail.

Ascend along the trail to the top of a small ledge and then descend quickly with a sharp turn to the left. Notice the old stone steps along the base of the ledge. This used to be the trail until bypassed by illicit bike and motorbike use.

Contine along the trail as it follows along the edge of a small swamp. The trail begins to rise again and then drops along the base of a ledge. The trail once more ascends, about 50 feet along look for an unmarked trail to your left.

This trail passes a large lonely boulder and heads to a curiously round flat area where not much grows. This is the site of an old charcoal mound, one of many that dot the forest. At the south edge of the flat area look for a pile of stones. The stamp is in the stones.

Have fun and be safe (remember to wear safety orange during hunting season).

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