The Leprechaun's Adventure  LbNA # 30007 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2007
CountyNew London
LocationEast Lyme, CT
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The Leprechaunís Adventure
(Difficulty: Extreme, need powerful legs and physical and mental strength to accomplish this challenge!)

Are you ready? This will be the adventure of a lifetime! You must be physically and mentally prepared for this journey. It will bring you over running water and rock cliffs of incredible heights!!! You are on a mission to find the Leprechaunís secret hiding place. You must find it and stamp the notepad to win the game. This is the new destination of video games; you are in the game yourself. Make sure to stay on your toes, the physical elements are tiring! Letís get started! Good Luck!

1. Start at the Sign of Hartman Recreational Park
2. Turn 90 degrees and walk through the trees
Make sure you start with a quick, yet quiet pace through the trees; there are spies for the Leprechauns everywhere!
3. Walk over a hill and then walk straight across a dirt trail and head towards a swamp
4. When you reach the beginning of the swamp, turn 120 degrees and walk over the swamp until you reach the fallen tree
Make sure you do not touch the water, it is extremely acidic, it will burn through your soles so use the moss covered rocks to maneuver yourself!
5. When you are at the fallen tree turn 80 degrees and walk forward
6. Keeping walking in the same direction, you will walk straight across another dirt trail until you see the V-shaped tree
If you have reached the V-shaped tree, you have completed more of this journey than thousands of others! Keep your spirit up. If you are running low on energy touch the V-shaped tree for energy and strength!!
7. At the V-shaped tree turn 130 degrees and walk 63 large paces
8. Stop at the moss covered rock forest
This forest is sacred to the Leprechauns, they like to have large feasts here, they dance jigs on the rocks and sing old Irish folk songs too. You are safe here; Leprechauns will not hurt anyone here because this is a happy, joyful place for them!
9. Stand on a rock and turn 90 degrees and walk until you reach the giant rock wall!
The giant rock wall is where the male leprechauns sit to rest and eat their lunch after a hard day of work. You are safe here too! Make sure you take a rest here to prepare yourself for the extreme climbing elements coming soon!
10. At the beginning of the rock wall turn 90 degrees and climb up the first rock hill and a 2nd rock hill, after the 2nd rock hill you will reach a 3 pronged top tree!
When you reach this three pronged top tree, the leprechaun forces will have hatched a plan to come after you, so you must hurry!
11. At the 3 pronged tree turn 140 degrees and walk 49 large paces till you reach a cliff
12. Go south and stop at the 3 pronged bottom tree
13. The letterbox is by the Leprechaunís Garden!
Stamp the notepad quickly and you will gain super speed, you will automatically get a head start to return home. Hurry because the leprechauns are angry and they are after you, use the few minutes of super speed to your advantage! Do not stop to rest till you reach the safe havens of the rock wall and the moss covered rock forest!! ONLY a true hero with strengths of mind, body and heart can finish this journey!