Timmy's Puppy  LbNA # 30011 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2007
CountyNew London
LocationLyme, CT
Found By Flutterby Flew By
Last Found Apr 22 2007
Hike Distance?

Hartman Park, Lyme, CT

Timmy’s Puppy

One cheerful, glorious day, Timmy decides to walk though idyllic Sunnydale Park with his new puppy, Little Rascal. Suddenly, Little Rascal spies a squirrel and runs off into the woods!

1. Timmy begins to cry and runs past the gray park gate, chasing after his dog.

2. Timmy continues until he hears barking coming from the first branch on the left with the strange blue and red markings.

3. He rushes up the red trail because he thinks he hears his dog. He soon realizes, however, that the barking is only caused by the same aliens who had left the strange markings. Timmy is so scared that he only manages to go 26 steps forward.

4. Desperately searching for a way to escape the invisible aliens, Timmy turns left at the tree with the red and green markings and decides to take the path behind this tree.

5. Timmy continues on this path and passes between two trees which are obviously part of an alien gateway.

6. Timmy is transported to an alternate dimension!!! The sky is green and the ground is pink! Rocks have blue polka dots! Trees are bright orange! Maybe he will find Little Rascal here.

7. Timmy turns 90 degrees in the strange alien landscape and crosses the raging brook.

8. Suddenly, Timmy sees something brown in the distance and thinks it is his dog. He turns 68 and sprints up the path.

Oops! It’s only a porta-pottie! An alien porta-pottie.

9. Timmy is afraid that an alien will come out of the porta-pottie, so he goes up the pink/red trail which is on his first left after the picnic tables.

10. Thereafter, Timmy turns 62 degrees onto the red/red trail.

11. The aliens, attempting to sabotage Timmy’s reconnaissance mission, hypnotize him to walk on alien rock wall.

12. Thankfully, at the break in the rock wall the spell is broken. Timmy hurries to the left before they can hypnotize him again.

13. Oh no! Timmy is stupid! There’s an alien pond here. Oh, well. Timmy goes for a swim—
not. What Timmy really does is turn 100 degrees and follows that trail until he comes to a 3-D rhombus alien rock. The rock tells Timmy to follow the path that runs along side the rock.

14. Timmy follows rhombus rock road until he come to mossy rock, and turns onto that path.

15. At the tree with the yellow markings Timmy turns 74 degrees follows up that path.

16. Timmy subsequently turns 340 degrees at the second yellow marking and dart up the white trail. He’s got a good feeling…

17. Timmy feels on top of the world…or at least on top of a hill. He looks to the left and sees a squirrel scamper up from a large hole in a tree…

Reunited! Nothing in the world— not trees, not squirrels, not aliens— could have kept Timmy from his adorable little puppy.