Torbett Springs Letterbox  LbNA # 30017

Placed DateApr 12 2007
Location???, MO
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Follow Katy to mile one seventy four,
find a cool spring but look up for more.

Go six paces north from where the spring leaves the cave
two rocks lie together to form a makeshift grave.

They form a small symbol you'll recognize from math,
it's near the cliff perpendicular to the path.

Underneath the backside, guarded in place,
lies an homage to those who painted the face.

Please use the utmost discretion when retrieving and replacing this box as it is located right off the trail (which can be quite busy on warm sunny days). There is a bench nearby for stamping and be sure to read the information on the sign marking this historic location. Please note the signs regarding the cave, grey bats live there and during the nesting period entering it is a violation of the Endangered Species Act. Please do not explore the cave while the endangered grey bats Remember, always follow proper rehideation and replace box in original location covering well with guardian stones to keep the varmints from getting it.

Take some extra time to read more information about this spot on the kiosk. Once you have found it, contact the placer, who knows what reward may be yours. This box has been placed with permission of the Missouri State Parks.