Park by the Lake- On the way home from Myrtle Beac  LbNA # 30042 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 13 2007
LocationHartsville, SC
Planted ByHunting for Boxes    
Found By The Hunter Bears
Last Found Jun 17 2007
Hike Distance?

Park by the Lake- On the way home from Myrtle Beac

This box has been stolen as of 7-26-2007. I will try to replace it and add new clues ASAP. Sorry for this!!!!

If you are coming home from Myrtle Beach you will go through Darlington, SC on HWY 151 also Harry Bird Highway. You will pass Darlington Motor Speedway on the left which is the home of the Darlington 500. You will continue on 151 which changes it's name to Bobo Newsome Highway as it nears Hartsville. You will take Business 151 to the right. You will also see green signs with arrows which point to Hartsville. Follow Business 151 to the Landmark on the right and continue on through town past Walmart on the left and a new Lowe's on your right. Cross a set of railroad tracks and continue on 151 which turns into 4th street. Go through one light and dead in onto College Avenue. Look quickly to your right and you may catch a glipse of Coker College. Take a left where 4th street ends and then a quick right onto Laurel Oaks Avenue my favorite street in town. Go under the beautiful arbor of oaks and turn left on the second street Pinewood Avenue. Go to next main street which is 5th street and take a right. Go to the bottom of the hill and take a left between Bank of America and The Hartsville Hotel onto Lanier Drive. There is also a sign that says Lawton Park which is where you are going. Go to the end of Lanier Drive and take a left onto Prestwood. You will see a park by the Prestwood Lake called Lawton Park. Park near a iron decorative gate. Get out of your car and proceed through the gate. Turn right and walk under the red swing sets. Turn slightly to the right and go across the yellow monkey bars and up on the playground platform and then down the yellow slide. If you are tired sit down and watch the kids play a minute before you continue. Walk past the picnic tables and out onto the dock. Please wave, we live across the lake and may even wave back. We actually planted this box via canoe, but figured that would be too hard for you to do. Turn back around and turn left off the dock and between a grass path that lies with the lake and cyprus trees to the left and large pines on the right. Be careful for the cyprus knees or you may fall and get hurt. From the dock take approximately 85 paces, turn to the left and look for a double cyprus tree with a magnolia tree growing out if it's base. There you will find the box. If you make it to a second set of picnic tables you have gone too far, so turn around. Please be discrete and return it hidden better then you found it. I hope you enjoyed a the drive and short walk.