Paragraph  LbNA # 30062

OwnerWhite Fam5    
Placed DateApr 14 2007
LocationMount Vernon, OH
Found By Praying Mantises
Last Found Oct 26 2013
Hike Distance?


In historic downtown Mount Vernon, in a bookstore of the same name (Paragraphs), you'll find this letterbox on the shelves among the books. If you want to browse until you find it, stop reading now. Paragraphs is on South Main Street. The upper levels of the building house the historic Woodward Opera House. For directions, visit

If you want the easy way to find the letterbox, ask a store clerk. They'll be happy to help you find any book you might be interested in.

For the rest of you, here are three clues all directing you to the same spot:
1. Look two shelves below and a little to the left of books on Ohio.
2. Look one shelf below and a little to the right of books on hobbies & crafts.
3. Look just above the dictionaries among the books on --what else? grammar & English!

Bring your own ink pad & pencil. Maybe while you are at it you can find a great book in this great little store. (Special thanks to Anne, the owner of Paragraphs, for allowing this letterbox to be planted in her store.)