10,000 Lakes  LbNA # 30064

OwnerK Frog    
Placed DateApr 14 2007
LocationSt. Paul, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Aug 23 2008
Hike Distance?

6/22/09 I haven't been out to the spot but I've received a few inquires about this box and believe it to be missing. Search at your own risk :) I'll update when I know for sure... Sorry, K Frog

Minnesota's state bird is usually found swimming in one of our lakes. Not this time! To find the 10,000 Lakes Letterbox begin your search by parking in the East Picnic Grounds Lot of the park containing 'meal cook'.(anagram is the hint!)

Between the picnic shelters and the restroom building is a monument dedicated to a two-time mayor of St Paul. Read the inscription carefully and write down any numbers you see - you'll need them later.

Put the words "I'd like to live so humanly, that in some after year, a comrade happily may say, he left the roses here" behind you and follow the paved path to the left. At the T, head away from the lot you parked in. At the 4-way intersection on the path, go left and carefully cross the road (this can be a busy spot). Continue up the grassy hill with the woods on your left. I hope you brought a snack, you should have an easy time finding a place to sit and eat! Continue walking on the grass until the first paved path you reach. Here, follow the path so you are heading away from where all the kids want to be. When you reach another busy road, carefully cross. Don't wait for the next bus - keep moving ahead, under the bridge. Here, the trail splits. Stay left. Continue following this trail up to another old stone landmark encased in a fence. Count the tables inside the fence and remember this number. Do you have your compass? Find the small trail at the NE corner of the fence and follow it down to a medium sized block on the right side of the path. The block is made out of material not normally found in the woods. At this block, do some math. Add together all of the numbers in the year of the mayor's birth. To this number, add the number of tables you counted. Begin walking on the trail this many steps. Good hiding spots everywhere! Find the tree that wasn't so lucky - resting now bent to 30 degrees. What is our bird doing so far from the water?!

Please be sure, as always, you rehide carefully, with no one watching (this is a busy park!). Please cover the box with debris.

If you continue on the path to the left of the hiding place (only about 30 more steps) you will come to the top of a small hill. Check out what you can see from here...

PS: see Atlas Quest for more nearby boxes!