First Rock from the Sun(sphere)  LbNA # 30072

Placed DateApr 15 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Planted ByMoon and Sun    
Found By butterfly2
Last Found Apr 13 2013
Hike Distance?

The Sun has a diameter of 865000 miles. The Knoxville Sunsphere has a diameter of 74 feet. If the Sun were the same size as the Sunsphere and located in the same place, the planet Mercury would, when at perihelion (closest approach to the Sun), be located at a distance of 0.46 miles from the Sunsphere. On this size-scale the whole planet Mercury would fit in the palm of your hand with lots of room to spare.

If you wish to find little Mercury you will need to look in a park dedicated to a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet, and film critic. The park begins roughly 0.40 miles from the Sunsphere, which is also about a block from where the famous Author grew up.

1.Start at the Corner of James Agee St. and Laurel Ave.

2.Pass over “To those who in all times have sought truth and who have told it in their art or in their living.”

3.Go up 9 steps.

4. Pass between two large magnolias. You will not find any plaques stating so, but these trees are named Vic and Bill and they were saved, full-grown, from a lot that now grows condos instead of trees and grass.

5. Follow the path roughly north toward the wooden arch.

6. Pass under the arch and, from its center, take about 9 paces NW to the stone column. This column has an oblong river rock for a finial. You will see a low stone wall, made of large rectangular bocks, that starts at the foot of the column and runs toward James Agee St. You will also see a large bolder sitting in the yard next to the column behind the low stone wall- this is just for reference so you know that you are at the correct column.

7. Line yourself up with the corner of the column where the stone wall begins and take about 15 paces along the wall toward James Agee St. You will pass in front of 9 of the large rectangular stones that form the wall. If you pass the light post you have gone too far.

8. At the 15th pace and near the middle of the 9th block, stop and turn towards the wall. Sit down on the 9th block. Mercury will be way down in side the bushes, between two large white and tan stones. If it is summer you will get leaves in your hair as you retrieve the box. The box is covered by leaves and dirt, so you will have to feel around for it between the stones. (Use gloves or a stick if you like.)

9. If you struggle, look to the woodchip bed to point the way. The box is way INSIDE the bushes, NOT out in front of the wall.

Make sure no one is watching you when you retrieve or hide the letterbox. Please move away from the hiding spot to stamp up and when you rehide the box, pile on the leaves. Don’t miss seeing the park’s garden and private rose garden across the street; they are the finest under the Sunsphere. It is best to go after Mercury on a non-football weekend if you wishing to find parking within the Solar System.

P.S. The stamp is double-sided. Watch out for Dog-doo during your search.

Last maintenance 7-17-07.