Paul Frank is Your Freind- Never Play Leapfrog Wit  LbNA # 30074

Placed DateApr 13 2007
Location???, GA
Found By ???
Last Found May 24 2008
Hike Distance?

Never eat ______ snow as you go over the ______ and through the woods...

Find the trail that is directly across from the "Passive Area". Follow this trail between 2 pines with rather strange white markings on them.At the "T" take a right. Very shortly the trail will split, stay right. Eventually the trail will turn left and head uphill. Continue following the trail as you pass a clearing on your right. After passing the clearing the trail turns left and heads back into the woods. Shortly the trail will take another right, heading slightly downhill. After making the turn look for a Beech tree on your left about 8 steps off of the trail. From this Beech tree take 39 steps at 278* to a large oak with a hollow base.