Gunpowder Falls #1 - The Lost Pond  LbNA # 30077

Placed DateApr 15 2007
LocationKingsville, MD
Planted ByErik    
Found By J and R
Last Found Jun 30 2008
Hike Distance?

Gunpowder Falls #1 – The Lost Pond

Park in the parking area East of route 1, just south of Kingsville.

Follow the blue blazed Big Gunpowder Trail in the south end of the lot.

Find the tree that has chosen the Rock as it’s firm foundation. M.A.M. was there – find out when and remember that 2 digit number. Hopefully, you've chosen the Rock as well!

Continue on the blue blazed trail, you will be tempted by other paths but do not be a coward stay on the path that is true. The pond may be lost and you may feel like you are too, but be patient. As you travel through the wilderness you may also feel yourself traveling back in time. You may find that it is not the pond that is lost but time itself. Beware, you may want to count the footsteps because some who have searched for the lost pond have become lost themselves.

As you approach the pond you’ll need to wade out to the middle. Once you have reached the middle, chart a course on your compass matching the number you found from M.A.M. The number needs to correspond to the degrees. After headed in that direction look for a tree of guidance and in it’s trunk’s hollow you shall find your prize.

Be on the lookout for lions, tigers, and bears. An occasional brontosaurus has been spotted, so bring plenty of lettuce. In the event that you may have actually gone back in time, hold your breath and count to ten while spinning opposite the earth's rotation. When you find the box, don't reach in until you've poked a stick in to vacate any critters that may be guarding it.I lost a finger from a man-eating, saber-toothed beaver that was lurking in the spot.