The Raven's Belated Birthday  LbNA # 30098

OwnerDaisy and Onslow      
Placed DateApr 6 2007
LocationHouston, TX
Found BySilver Eagle
Last UpdateApr 11 2007


This box is located in Terry Hershey Park. Park in the lot on on the Sam Houston Tollway feeder just south of Memorial Drive and head west on the asphalt trail from there.

While out hunting for mythical creatures, we planted a box to honor a man who made Texas possible. The clue is in his adopted language. It goes something like this:

Hi-a sa-quu-i ga-nv-hi-dv ga-s-gi-lo na-nah go-hi nu-nah-i, a-ye-li hi-a ta-li nv-no-hi. A-gi-s-di hi-a nv-ne-hi o-nee-di-dla s. Nah-dv-ga na-s-gi ha-ni-gi na-nah hi-a ga-du-i. Ha-ga-ta du-yu-go-dv a-le a-go-wa-dv hi-a sa-quu-i tlu-gv na o-tlv-na ta-li. S-go-hi tsu-na si-wu u-tsi-s u-yo-hu-sv tlu-gv na-nah a-ga-s-ga-ni. Ha-ga-ta na-nah-i u-na-s-de-tlv u-li-s-dv na-wi na-di-tlv u-s-di ga-na-s-da na-nah ka-lv-gv a-s-qua-ge-ni.

Apologies to The Raven for not planting this on his birthday as intended.

Abject aplogies to anyone who really speaks this language.

(Hint: The third and fourth 'words' here are one word.)