Celtic Ceries #3 & #4 The Zooropics  LbNA # 30115

Placed DateApr 16 2007
LocationSeabrook, TX
Found By lookingforalaska
Last Found May 20 2012
Hike Distance?

"Zooropic celtic" is a term to discribe knotwork that specifically features animal forms within the knots. These are thought to have a sacred meaning as they are often found on medieval monastic texts and frequently in the Book of Kells. My letterboxes have 2 creatures in zooropic form that I encountered here.

Robinson Park is on the Texas Coastal Birding trail and its full of wildlife. If you are coming from Houston, please mapquest it. The address is 702 Red Bluff rd., Seabrook TX. It is at the corner of Todville rd and Red Bluff, and also known as the "park with the white gazebo". When you arrive and park, notice the trail map. Follow the path right behind the trail map, do not go over the little bridge near the gazebo. That other trail leads to the "hear the heron" box. This is a good hunt for the morning when the birds are all out feeding.

Now you will stay on this trail to the right of the water for a while. You are looking for a plateau that is higher than the trail. I would give you paces, but I'd rather you look for birds and animals. My GPS says that its about .20 of a mile to the plateau and basically if you look up and to your right once and while, you won't miss it. Its a large clearing with a broken bench. Once you find this plateau, climb up and look around. People leave seed here for the birds and corn for other creatures. You are now really close to Celtic #3. If you are on the plateau, look toward the water, there should be one lone tree in the center of the edge of the plateau, at its base are lots of wild raspberry vines. The letter box is a nalgene bottle covered by a large white rock. The stamp is a zooropic celtic knot featuring an animal that I once saw on this very spot. Please be careful of the prickly raspberry vines and rehide well as there are a lot of birders who frequent this spot, not to mention animals.

To find Celtic #4, stand at the edge of plateau and look north. You should see a bridge and a bench swing in the distance. Travel there, Celtic #4 is waiting. When you get to the bench swing walk around behind it and look at where the bayou splits. At this place I saw Zooropic creature #4. The letterbox is hidden under the wooden decking at the back of the bench swing. You may need a stick to retrieve it if its too far under.

What should you do now? Cross back over the bridge and follow the trail map to Pine Gully park where Celtic #5 is waiting!

Seabrook Trail Map in PDF