Collegiate Gothic Cathedral  LbNA # 30127

Placed DateApr 17 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Planted ByMoon and Sun    
Found By paper trail
Last Found Aug 21 2012
Hike Distance?

This micro letterbox is hidden in Barber & McMurry‘s adaptation of a Gothic cathedral from the Middle Ages. Hoskins Library is complete with pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, stone doorframes, gabled roofs, spacious windows, and two small gargoyles guarding the main entrance on Cumberland. The building is open 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. [1]

Park where you can in Fort Sanders. DON’T PARK ON CAMPUS UNLESS YOU HAVE A PARKING PASS. The UT parking patrol will get you. This is not a clue or a threat.

Walk down to Cumberland. Hoskins is opposite “The Hill” section of the University. See the long line of steps going up the hill on the north side of Cumberland. Get Climbing!
Note the gargoyles above the door as you gasp for breath.

You could find the street named like the color of an Easter lily to find the back entrance and avoid the stairs, but you’ll miss the gargoyles if you do.

Enter and find the first great hall. See all the columns; count them, 10 in all.

Ascend the great staircase. Look up to the stars. See Shakespeare, Newton, Dante, and many others in gothic arched glory. Look down and admire the cork floor.

Turn to the left and enter the second great hall. It is bright white plaster and stone. Look up up up. Move forward pausing to read the quotes. The theme is books and their influence. Be quiet-some one may be in the great hall trying to write a thesis.

Smell cornbread? That’s the ghost of a librarian who knew how to cook. Respect the old Library or he’ll throw plaster at you and follow you home.

Walk under “In books lies the soul of the whole past time.”
See the Clock. Stop. Head south toward Special Collections.

See the fountain of youth. Take a drink. Ooops! You dropped something. Pick it up while pausing to feel under the fountain.

Find something small and soft stuck in place with a magnet. Pull it out.

Stamp up in the great hall. Re-hide the pouch where you found it. Look on the walls and bulletin boards to see if the Library is hosting any talks or programs you might like to attend.

You probably won’t encounter many students in Hoskins because the main Library moved out in 1986. Today, the building serves as the home for the Special Collections Library, University Archives, the UTK Herbarium, the Map Library, and a number of important University offices. The building is currently scheduled for renovation. Some of the faculty and staff know about this box, but many do not, so be sly.

Bring your own stamp pad and pen. Also bring a tissue to wipe off the tiny stamp. It has three sides.

If you’ve not found the First Rock from the Sun(sphere), now would be a good time to go after it.

[2] Stories from the Haunted South, Brown, Alan, 2004 , Univ. Pr. of Mississippi