Seurat's Garden Art  LbNA # 30140

OwnerTransient Toadstool    
Placed DateApr 17 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By GoHIo
Last Found Sep 29 2012
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Relocated as of 09.09.2009

The Old Deaf School Park is the site of a garden which is a ‘Landscape’ of a ‘Painting of a Landscape’. George Seurat’s famous post impressionist painting “A Sunday On The Island Of La Grande Jatte” has been created in topiary. It consists of 54 topiary people, eight boats, three dogs, a monkey (my favorite), a cat and a real pond. The pond represents the River Seine. Seurat would have sketched his scene from the top of the easterly hill. Stand left of the bronze plaque mounted on a bronze easel and you will see ‘the painting’ as he saw it.


The Old Deaf School Park is located at the corner of East Town St. and Washington Ave. near downtown Columbus. There are many meter parking spaces on both streets.

Once parked, find the gate house visitor's center on Town St. It has VERY LIMITED HOURS & DAYS, TUES.,SAT.,SUN. 11:00-3:00 and is open ONLY APRIL thru NOVEMBER. Enter the gatehouse and ask at the desk for the letterbox. (If by chance the desk clerk doesn't know what to look for, it is a green lid clear square box, which is kept below the counter) some of the workers are temp volunteers.

After stamping in check out the park and find the plaque mounted on the bronze easel. Facing the easel look out onto the topiary garden, beyond the garden stands a great building, this is the ‘Old Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb’. This building is worth the hike over to look at the interesting details on the door archways which have sculptured faces of some of the children who once attended this school.

Hope you enjoyed your stroll through this unique park.