Neon Nights  LbNA # 30145 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Purple Ladybug    
Placed DateApr 17 2007
LocationBossier City, LA
Found By greengirl
Last Found Oct 24 2011
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Neon Nights

The Red River flows through Shreveport and Bossier City for approximately 2 miles as it meanders through the state and eventually joins the mighty Mississippi River. Spanning the river and connecting the two cities is the Long-Allen Bridge, commonly known as the “Texas Street Bridge”, it was officially opened on October 21, 1933 and named after former Governors Huey P. Long and Oscar K. Allen. The bridge was built at the foot of Texas Street in Shreveport and the plantation, Canes Landing in Bossier City, using Public works funds for a cost of $788,000.

At night neon lights and fiber optic cables attached to the steel framework illuminate the bridge and transforms it into a magical sculpture of beauty and art. Over the last decade, this bridge has become the most recognizable landmark of metro Shreveport-Bossier.


If boxing, “______on the Red”,
Cross the river instead.

Neath, the bridge touches down,
Where fishermen are found.

Rainbows burst near the post
Of a small boxwood host.

Count six from the smaller,
Pylons to the taller.

As autos come and go,
Face the Pro and you’ll know.

Twin trees set with border,
Search the street-side corner.

At times, this can be an extremely high traffic area. Please be sure to use stealth and caution in retrieving and replacing this small box.