Haunted Places- Burnt Bridge  LbNA # 30148 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCuyamaca Poppy    
Placed DateApr 4 2007
LocationPurvis, MS
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Haunted Places- Burnt Bridge

Old Timers say that if you cross Burnt Bridge late at night, after dark, a woman may jump on your car carrying her head. If I were you, I'd go during daylight hours to find this box!

From 589 turn onto Burnt Bridge Rd and you will immediatly cross over the new 'Burnt Bridge'. You will see Mt. Zion Baptist Church on your right and a dirt road right behind it. You need to turn right at the fork to get to the dirt road that use to go to the original Burnt Bridge. There is an old metal gate there now blocking the way of partygoers looking for the headless woman. To the left of the gate on the other side of that barbed wire is a tall oak tree that lost it's branches (it's about 15 ft before the gate). The box you seek is right at the base of that tree.

*edit* If anyone would be interested I would replace this one. I love the 'haunted' story behind this box. I will figure out how to make this box not floatable (o: