Saenger History  LbNA # 30149

OwnerCuyamaca Poppy    
Placed DateApr 3 2007
LocationHattiesburg, MS
Found By FHS
Last Found Jan 14 2012
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Saenger History

The History of the Saenger theater
To much fanfare, the Saenger theater opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1929. Admission was just $.06 for children. Dazzling audiences with features like the pipe organ and the main chandelier above the ground-floor seating area, this movie palace was something special to behold!

One of only 7 Saenger theaters built and operated throughout the South by the Saenger brothers, Abe and Julian, the theater was designed by New Orleans architect Emile Weile. It is one of Mississippi’s 2 examples of the movie-palace type and exhibits characteristics typical of the Neo-Classical Revival Style and Art Deco Style.

Today, the prized jewel in the theater is its original 778-pipe Robert Morton Pipe Organ, one of the only Robert Morton organs in the United States still in its original position.

Upon the completion of a 3.75 million dollar renovation in 2000, the Saenger theater entertains modern-day audiences, much to its original grandeur.

Finding the box:
This was a hard one to hide since the trees are now gone from the Saenger but with a little cruising I was able to find a location to place this box.

There is a beautiful little building not far from the Saenger (about 3 blocks) called the Cultural Center at 723 Main St in downtown Hattiesburg. On the side of the building with the water fountain there is a side door with white bricking/landscaping. If you are walking up to that door and happen to sit on the bricks on the left side and slide you hand down in the corner you may find what you are looking for.

So I didn't look very suspcious, I layed my keys down on the corner of the bricks and took pictures of the beautiful Victorian home across the street and that may be of some help for you.