Scrabble  LbNA # 3015

Placed DateDec 31 1969
Location???, VA
Planted ByLadybug (Kathy)    
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 25 2007
Hike Distance?

Ladybug's Scrabble Mystery Letterboxes (5)

Two rounds of Scrabble is all it takes to reveal the location of four new Mystery Letterboxes on a five-mile circuit hike. So, players pick your letters!

Player Round One Round Two
Happy Hiker M K A O L E O M O O O V C H
Aimless Ambler N I F A U N R I F U R L F A
Silly Stroller P W E A O R L W E O D L O S
Winsome Walker S G N T E I T G N B E N A I

Special letterboxing Scrabble rules in effect are proper nouns and abbreviations are allowed. Good Luck, and happy hunting!

Scrabble Mystery Letterbox

Drive to the Visitor Center parking area and begin your hike on the Green trail, an invigorating start with just the right combination of up and down to get your heart pumping. At the intersection of the Green and Silver trails, stay straight for a short distance to the Smokehouse Exhibit and two massive Sycamore trees. It’s well worth the short diversion. Retrace your steps back to, and turn right onto the Silver trail. The Scrabble Mystery box is just ahead. Hike until you notice a trapeze above you. A short distance to the left off the trail you’ll see a fallen tree that resembles a caterpillar. Walk beside it to the holly bush and look behind the caterpillar to find the roots of another fallen tree. Under the hanging pine cones, under the base of the tree’s roots, covered with leaves is the Scrabble Mystery Box.

The "Doctor" is in the Park Letterbox

Following the Silver trail, you’ll come to a spot that will make you pause. A stream surrounded by fallen trees and massive rocks with two ways to cross..straight over the stream or over a foot bridge to the left. I headed over to the foot bridge and before crossing did an about face and spied a double trunk tree ahead on the left. Behind that tree in the hollow of a rotten tree stump is where you’ll find The Doctor.

Heard Any Good "Lawyer" Jokes Lately? Letterbox

The Silver trail will end at the intersection of the White and Yellow trails. Turn right onto the Yellow trail, passing the White trail, and walk just 2/10’s of a mile to the end where you’ll come to a stone chimney at the site of an old homesite (look for the nearby cemetery). With your back to the center of the stone chimney, walk ahead 7 paces to an arrow shaped stone at the base of a large pile of stones. The arrow will point to the Lawyer, behind a heavy, moss-covered stone. Retrace your steps to the intersection of the Silver, White and Yellow trails.

The Indian Got It Letterbox…..Every part of this soil is sacred. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished…Chief Seattle

As you near the end of the Yellow trail, before a slight bend to the right, you’ll see a tree stump which resembles a cannon. At the base of the cannon, under leaves and behind a piece of tree trunk is The Indian.

Be Prepared for One More in this Mystery Location

De Colores Letterbox.....a children's folk song, giving thanks for the joy of colors in God's creation.
Planted on July 22, 2001, by Ladybug and friends
Difficulty: This box continues the "mystery" series started by Ladybug and
added to by Jolly G-Man. Note: Jolly G-man reports (7/15/2001) that the first stamp in this series "The Scrabble Puzzle" may be missing. However, until I'm able to confirm that, solve the game on the website and it's location and clues will lead you easily to the remaining 5 boxes on these trails.

After finding Jolly G-Man's "Be Prepared" letterbox, be prepared for one more. Heading north back to the road, 27 paces from "Be Prepared," a tree bows at 210 degrees. At 60 degrees under a twisted tree, under a tangle of branches is the De Colores letterbox.

This box will need good cover as the resting spot is not deep, but should
remain hidden from view with careful replanting and covering.


Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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