CCBC Pioneers  LbNA # 30151

Placed DateApr 17 2007
LocationWabash, IN
Planted ByJade Sparrow    
Found By KehresClan
Last Found Jul 7 2014
Hike Distance?

Back long ago when there were roads but no road signs, people used landmarks to note locations. And, on a country road in Wabash County there sat a little church on a corner. There was a young man who lived across the road who was the only person in the area to attend college. When giving directions, people would refer to the church as the one on the corner where the boy went to college. Eventually the church became known as College Corner Church. It is now affiliated with the Brethren Church and is named College Corner Brethren Church.

This box has been placed by the kids who attended Pioneer Clubs at College Corner Brethren Church (CCBC) during the 2006-2007 club year. It was placed in its hiding spot on April 17, 2007 - Closing Celebration Night.

Head to Wabash County in Indiana. Add 71 and 53 together. That's the highway you'll need to find. You'll want to be west of Highways 13 & 15 on this highway. Once west of Highway 13, look for county road 500 West. Turn south. Go three miles (past two stop signs) to College Corner Brethren Church. Park by the pavilion.

Before hunting for the box, how about a little adventure around the church?
1. Can you find the open Bible?
2. Now, how about the two angels near by?
3. Can you find a year carved into one of the stones on the church? (If you're by the Bible and angels, you're cold!)

Okay, now for the box...
1. Start on the east side of the pavilion.
2. Find the big tree by the road.
3. From the tree take 28 paces south towards the main entrance to the white building that faces directly east. (A pace = two steps.)
4. Face west.
5. Look behind the brick sign to find a small stack of bricks. Remove the top bricks to find your treasure.

Wasp/Bee Warning:
In summer months there are usually some bees around the pavilion and wasps around the church building. They are not typically overwhelming, but should be watched for - espcially if you have allergies.