Yo Mama's Letterbox  LbNA # 30163 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 20 2007
LocationTucker, GA
Planted ByTwo Old Friends    
Found By Road Junkies
Last Found Mar 25 2009
Hike Distance?

From the eastern part of I-285, take the exit where the sum of the digits in the exit number equals the sum of the digits in the highway number (e.g. exit 38, highway 29; 3+8=2+9).

Travel west to the road with name of a major city in Quebec. Make a right onto this road. This road turns to the right, but you will want to continue straight onto a road with the name of the largest bay in Canada. (If you come to the tracks of some of the developers of Marthasville, you will have missed the "bay" road and have gone too far on the "major city in Quebec" road.)

You may park anywhere in this neighborhood, but yo mama suggests parkin' behind the repair place where the buses that take mama's kids to school are repaired. Walk to the end of the road. On the way you'll see a house built in 1937 where yo mama or yo grandmama could have lived. Keep on goin' to the end of the road.

Go past the Dead End sign. Follow the path. Walk 20 paces. To yo right you'll see sumpin' yo mama could have used to wash the clothes. Look under the container. You've found Yo Mama's Letterbox, and Yo Mama just taught you some math, history, and geography!