Things you find in the Woods  LbNA # 30180 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2007
LocationTerre Haute, IN
Planted Bystagaddis    
Found By seas the day
Last Found Sep 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Immediately after entering Hawthorn Park, turn left. Notice a trail on the left side of the road. Pass this trail and park in the parking lot. After parking, return to the trail to start your journey. Walk the trail until you get to the 2nd trail to the right. From this “intersection” you can see a field to the right. Approximately 19 paces from this intersection you will see a “tree of 5”. This is the perfect spot for “Rodney” to be hiding.

After playing with “Rodney”, get back on the main trail and continue walking east. When you come to the 2nd set of rail road ties in the road stop here and stand where the 2 ties join. Look approximately 30 feet off trail at a Compass Reading of 130, you will see a tree that has a short broken limb ½ way up the trunk. “Squeaky” has a home here at the base of this tree. After you put “Squeaky” back to bed get back on main trail and continue walking east.

After the trail makes a sharp right turn, go down hill and where trail splits you will see a large tree that has seen better days. This is the perfect spot for “Sammy” to be sleeping. Look on east side of tree and you will find “Sammy” sleeping under the bark.

At this split in the trail go right and follow this trail. You will see several railroad ties on the right side of the trail. At the end of the ties look to your left and you will see a tree that would be a perfect place for “Ricky” to hide. “Ricky” loves the hole at the base of this tree.

Continue on the trail. At a curve in the trail, you will see a tree with a large split hollowed out. Stop here. Look up the hill to the right and spot a large rotting log on the ground. Be very quiet and creep up the hill and on the other side of this log you might find “Tommy” out of his shell.

When you get back on the trail, you will come to a crossroad of another trail. Continue on this normal trail, go across railroad ties, down the hill and you will come to a paved path. Turn towards lake and at curve of road to the left you will see a large very odd looking tree. On the back side of this tree you may see “Bobby” hiding his head in the hole to keep his antlers dry when it rains. **Update: as of July 4th, "Bobby" has left the area. We have word that someone has left with the stamp. We will try to replant ASAP and will update when it is completed.

Get back on trail and continue towards shelter. Step inside shelter to rest before continuing on paved path. After you pass 1st bench, you will see a gravel trail to the left, Take this trail. You will again come to a paved path, turn right and walk up hill on paved trail. At the top of the hill you will see a shelter. Between the shelter and the lake is a trail. Turn right on this trail and walk beside the lake. Enjoy the scenery. On this trail you will come to a man hole cover. Look directly on the right and you will see where a woodpecker has been very busy at work. Maybe you will see “Wilbur” sleeping at the base of this tree. You know he has been very busy.

When continuing on this trail you will see the boat ramp to the left. Look immediately to the right and you will spot another man hole cover. Look to the right of this cover and you will see a rather large rock. Under this rock you will find the perfect nesting spot for “Curtis” (well maybe not perfect, but close enough)

We hope you have enjoyed this series. Please rehide with caution, this is a very busy park at times