TIC TAC TOE  LbNA # 3019

Placed DateDec 31 1969
Location???, VA
Planted ByLadybug (Kathy)    
Found By
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A Letterboxing Variation

In the Park of Marsha's Mystery (Birdwatching & Cattails) lies a game
you might enjoy. You'll remember how to play it, but some guessing you'll employ.

After stamping in at Marsha's Cattails box, you can follow these clues to Tic Tac Toe your way back home.

Take leave of the 15th bolt and at the top follow the trail to the left. Stop to notice the sign pointing in the direction from which you started the days hunt.

At a compass bearing of 300 degrees lies a fallen tree. Follow the trunk to the NW end and at the base of the roots is TIC TAC TOE.

Continue your trek in the direction of your starting point following the orange/brown blazed trail. Cross bridge and take fork to the left, following the orange/brown blazes. Cross two short wooden footbridges and continue to a spot where the trail crosses a long
terraced staircase.

Stop here to finish your game of TIC TAC TOE.

For two X's...one O...Will you choose the right clues and direction to go?

1) Descend 6 steps...20 paces at 270 degrees beneath large trunk
2) Ascend 10 steps...20 paces at 315 degrees beneath large trunk
3) From right where you are...17 paces at 300 degrees beneath large trunk.

Note: All compass bearings point you in the direction of the trunks...you'll need to search for just the right spot beneath. Bark and leaves and rocks were used to conceal the boxes. Please rehide well. There are no logs to stamp in at the X's and O box. The boxes contain the stamps necessary to complete your Tic Tac Toe stamp.

Difficulty: Moderate...it took us much persistence to find Marsha's #2 Cattails box...don't give up, it's a hike you'll enjoy. Watch for thorns and have a stick to poke into some of the hiding places.

Time Required: 3 hours (for me with one child, two dogs)

Have fun and be careful!

Richmond VA

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.