Lair of the O'Blair Witch  LbNA # 30196

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateMay 1 2006
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 20 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 20 2015

All seekers of boxes, take care.
If unskilled with a compass, beware.
If a misstep you take,
Then an error you'll make,
And you'll never get close to "My Lair".

Your compass must really be good,
Else your corpse might be lost in the wood.
And a map, you will find,
So you'll not wander blind
Will help make these clues understood.

Just north of the Red Circle Inn
Is the park where your quest must begin.
Your pathway will pass
Twixt forest and grass
If the prize at my lair you would win.

Then into the forest serene
And see where the red leaves green.
A fourth furlong back
Take an easterly track
Till an Oak with a vee you have seen.

The way to my lair you'll uncloak
Going on to an old, triple oak,
At two hundred and twelve
In the forest you'll delve.
My warning was never a joke!

Press on at two hundred and two,
Believing your compass is true.
For if it is broke
You'll miss the old Oak
And all of the rest of them, too.

Now set yourself on a straight line
Go forward at one eighty nine.
To an Oak with a vee
You'll eventually see
And the land just beyond will incline.

The next is at one fifty four.
Keep straight as never before.
That form of dark hue
Is another Oak, too.
You're close, there's only one more.

Set out at two hundred and nine
In the distance you might just divine
What looks like a double
And was double, double
Is the Oak that is last in the line.

I know that the quest has been tough
And your comments may well have been gruff,
But at one fifty eight
The lair does await
In a log both hollow and rough.

By now you are wanting a rest
And wonder which way is the best
To get back to the trail,
The way without fail,
Is to walk a short way to the west.