The Princess Bride Series  LbNA # 30205

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateApr 20 2007
LocationEagle, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jun 18 2016
Hike Distance?

Last checked and found in place 4/08


This series of boxes is located around Paradise Springs Park in Eagle, Wisconsin.

It is a series dedicated to the beloved romantic comedy The Princess Bride. A fellow letterboxer friend of mine came up with the idea, (the movie was her all time favorite, and the park was where her husband had proposed to her). She helped me carve these stamps, but has since had her first baby and no longer has time to place and maintain boxes. I told her I would do it for her!

The park is pretty popular, so please, please, please use some discretion when locating and stamping up the boxes! (Also, much to Sophie’s chagrin, the park does not allow pets. Sorry fellow dog lovers!)

#1 Grandpa Box

Park in the lot and walk along the paved pathway until you see the picnic shelter. Walk towards the picnic shelter and stand by the grill. If you look in a SE direction, you will see a big, gray metal box. Go to that box. From the box, walk 50 paces down the trail. Stop and look for the broken tree about 12 paces to your right. Go to the broken tree and walk about 20 more paces south. Here you should see a few stumps on the ground. Look for the box in the northwest side of the farthest stump. After stamping up, go back to the main trail and head east towards the restrooms.

#2 Count Rugen Box

Continue past the rest rooms and up the trail until you reach a bench on your left. Sit in the middle of the bench and look in the direction of 200 degrees. Spot a pile of logs 50 paces off the main trail. Look in the middle of the south side of the farthest log for the box. Stamp up and return to paved trail.

#3 Vizzinni Box

Continue along paved path, keeping an eye out for an old lannon stone wall to the right. When you see the wall, walk up the stairs in the middle of the wall. When you get to the top, walk 8 more steps and look for the leaning tree on your left. The box is hidden in a hole by the base of the tree under some bricks.

#4 Inigo Box

Go back to the paved trail and follow it along the wooden fence until you reach the last fence post before the springhouse. Look right up the incline of the hill and spot a tree trunk with a tip pointing up, (about 30 steps from the paved trail). Look in the middle of the trunk on the south side for the box. Stamp up and go back to the paved trail.

#5 Prince Humperdink Box

Continue on the path and go through the doorway of the springhouse. Take a moment to relax and admire the clear spring water and listen to it as it flows into the creek. Proceed to the opposite door of the springhouse and look for a small dirt trail that continues around the water. About 5 steps along the trail, you will see a gulch coming from up the hill on your right. Follow that gulch up the hill, stepping over roots and stones. Stop when you come to the evergreen tree on your left, (which will be almost at the top of the hill). Look for a small log about three feet away from the evergreen. The box is hidden in this log. Stamp up and go carefully back down the gulch, to the trail, and back through the springhouse.

#6 Fezzik Box

Follow the paved trail along the water, passing the fence and a wooden bench. Look for the number 6 on your left. Facing the number 6, walk straight ahead to the fallen tree. Look for an indentation between the log and the ground, about 15 feet from where the stump was cut. There you will find the box hidden under a pile of sticks.

#7 Wesley and Buttercup Box

Go back to the paved trail beside the water, passing the fishing dock. Walk all the way to a smaller wooden perch that allows you to see the waterfall. When you are on the perch, look towards the left corner for a tree and a half about 10 paces away. (You might want to walk around the park a bit to get to it, because the ground around it can get pretty squishy.) When you get to the tree and a half, look on the upper NW side of the half tree to find the box.

*** A good samaritan noted that the origninal hiding place for this box was falling apart, and took it upon themselves to rehide the box in a better place. (Thanks so much M & A!!)

To find the Wesley and Buttercup box, follow the directions below!

"The half tree at #7 has disintegrated. We found the box halfway down the hill amidst all the debris. So we planted the box in the eight foot stump that is just to the right of and about ten feet further from the original tree, when viewing the location from the overlook. The stump is hollow and you can reach the bottom from the back side."

-Sophie & Me